About us

Have you graduated from university, wondering how what you learned is helping you progress in you professional career? How is your technical knowledge from university helping you propel your career further and making you stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Just like you, we had similar questions as we started our careers. It is true that we went to school and had book knowledge, but we realized we need a lot more than book knowledge if we wanted to achieve our professional goals. No one taught us the importance of personal branding, personal finance, or the power of networking and how to establish your network…we had to discover this on our own. So, we decided to pursue our curiosity and learn more about what makes a young professional stand out.

In the podcast, “The Immature Grad,” we have decided to document our curiosity in an engaging conversation with other professionals by asking them questions that we all think about but never ask. Questions such as:

  • How can establishing a professional network help me find jobs that I don’t even need to apply for?
  • Everyone says “saving money is important.” Why is it important? And more specifically, why is it important to start early?
  • Why do people have mentors? What exactly is a role of a mentor and how can mentors help you thrive in your careers?
  • What is organizational culture, and how does it differ from organization to organization?

We hope you join us as we discover what it takes to transition from an immature grad to an accomplished young professional.

Amit Bhagat

Amit Bhagat graduated with a BBA from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby British Columbia. While concentrating in Accounting, he realized his passion was in technology and also pursued a concentration in Management Information Systems.

Since graduating in December of 2014, he has worked as a Business Analyst at a local Credit Union and currently as a Platform Solutions Analyst at a retail management software company in Downtown Vancouver. Amit also enjoys listening to and learning from his favorite podcasters which include Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn.



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Sarnvir Thiara

Sarnvir Thiara is a CPA, CA, who articled with a “big 4” accounting firm after he graduated with a BBA from Simon Fraser University. Currently, Sarnvir works for a regional accounting firm with a focus on helping private businesses achieve their goals.

As a young professional, Sarnvir realizes the importance of making connections and maintaining relationships with others and is passionate about sharing the things he has learned in his journey so far with others. Sarnvir is also actively involved with his school community and sits on two board committees at the Surrey Board of Trade.