About Us

Mission: To help young professionals become the best version of themselves.

The Immature Grad Podcast is a tool that we use to document our curiosities around unfamiliar topics we faced once starting our careers and entering "adult life". Our goal is to engage in conversations with other professionals in their fields and ask the difficult, but common questions we have on behalf of all young professionals. These questions include:

  • How can establishing a professional network help me find jobs that I don’t even need to apply for?
  • Everyone says “saving money is important.” Why is it important? And more specifically, why is it important to start early?
  • Why do people have mentors? What exactly is a role of a mentor and how can mentors help you thrive in your careers?
  • I've always considered living abroad. What steps can I take to make this a reality?

The Immature Hosts


Amit Bhagat

Amit is a Platform Solutions Analyst at iQmetrix which is a retail management software company located in Vancouver, BC. His areas of expertise are in API integrations between external systems and internal platform solutions. If that makes no sense, don't worry, it took him quite a long time to figure out what that meant.

While he gained his BBA with concentrations in accounting and management information systems, Amit has developed a fascination with digital marketing, growth hacking and content creation specifically related to podcasting.

In his spare time, he likes to deny that he has certain "hipster" tendencies despite making Vietnamese drip coffee before work every morning, adding to his vinyl record collection, and hating all that top 40 music has to offer. He also enjoys listening to other podcasts including the Joe Rogan Experience, Radiolab and Hacked.



Sarnvir Thiara

Sarnvir Thiara is a CPA, CA, and he's anything but the "boring accountant" type. Sarnvir has a passion for learning about business and more specifically, loves the area of finance. He can often be found attending various networking events and meeting entrepreneurs to learn more about their stories.

Besides his day job, Sarnvir is also involved with the local Board of Trade and sits on the land and development committee. Given his curious brain, Sarnvir loves podcasting because it provides him with an avenue of hearing unique stories of the show guests.

When he's not thinking about business, Sarnvir can be found playing basketball with his nephews and nieces and often losing to them (on purpose, of course). He also enjoys biking, and sometimes attempting to cook...although the latter generally does not work out too well. He recently learned how to make a sandwich.