TIG 18: Building a Rewarding Career and Life Around Your Core Values with Lorie Corcuera


Show Notes:

In this episode, our guest is Lorie Corcuera, CEO at Spark Creations. Lorie has immense experience in helping companies building their vision, mission and culture. While we discuss this in this episode, we also talk about how individuals can define their core values, and how they can use these values to build a career and life that is tailored to them.

  • Introduction to Lorie Corcuera and Spark Creations (1:15)
  • Alignment of personal values compared to that of the organization (4:00)
  • How social media and external influences has created more pressure to make the right decision (5:00)
  • Differences between value and purpose (6:50)
  • What happens when there is a disconnect between your core values and the vision of the company you have applied for (8:00)
  • How you can truly identify the true core values of a business in the limited time you have in an interview (9:00)
  • Lorie's definition of culture and the 6 elements that create company culture (12:30)
    1. Culture Story: value, purpose and principle
    2. Leadership and alignment
    3. Human connection
    4. Learning and Growth
    5. Creativity
    6. Ecosystem
  • How Lorie explicitly defined what her personal core values were and the importance that coaching played in this process (19:40)
  • Activities you can use to identify your own core values (22:40)
  • Defining core values (25:45)
  • Differences between core values and strengths (27:50)
  • Actions individuals can take in order to establish what their core values are (29:17)
  • Defining your dream job by evaluating past positive experiences (31:30)
  • Using your core values in the contract negotiation and annual review processes (34:45)
  • Thinking of a raise as more than just compensation (38:00)
  • Career changes and identifying if your current job is right for you (40:50)


Spark Creations:

You can check out Lorie's company, Spark Creations, at the following link:

Spark Creations has an amazing page with their recommended resources which you can view here:

Here is a worksheet Lorie provides which provided some guiding questions which can assist in helping you establish and discover your own personal core values:
Rediscover Your Core Worksheet

Get In Touch with Lorie:


TIG 17: Making the Decision to Further Your Education During Your Career with Howard Ma and Nicole Arksey


Show Notes:

In this episode, we interview two guests, Howard Ma and Nicole Arksey. Howard and Nicole decided to pursue different types of education at different points in their careers. The purpose of this episode is to showcase the different options individuals have to further their education, but also how different types of education can excel careers in their own unique ways.

Howard Ma

  • Introduction to Howard (1:50)
  • Howard's decision making process when deciding to pursue his education further (2:50)
  • Challenges Howard faced working towards his CFA (5:20)
  • Making the move from corporate finance to investment management (6:55)
  • Howard's approach to the career change process post CFA (8:10)
  • Other considerations when making his decision to pursue his CFA designation compared to an MBA program (9:40)
  • What future has in store for Howard (14:00)

Nicole Arksey

  • Introduction to Nicole (15:50)
  • Nicole's current role at iQmetrix (16:30)
  • Nicole's decision to pursue her Master degree (17:00)
  • Decisions around whether to pursue her Phd post Master program (19:30)
  • Types of job Nicole applied for once she specialized in Human Computer Interaction (20:00)
  • Challenges Nicole faced while completing her Master degree along with the workload (22:50)
  • Education and the impact it has had on Nicole's career and current role at iQmetrix (24:10)
  • Continuing to further her education today (25:10)
  • Benefits and value of working before going back to school (26:10)
  • Is a Master degree or post secondary education for everybody? (28:00)
  • Advice for people considering furthering their education (28:45)


Meritocracy Capital Information:

Check out Howard's wealth management company here:

Get In Touch with Howard:


TIG 16: A New Perspective on Work Life Balance and Career Planning with Anthony Taylor



This episode is one that came about as a result of us continuing our conversation with Anthony Taylor, who is a guest on our fourth show. After our recording, we left the mics on and start picking Anthony's brain on a whole lot of things we were interested in knowing. We then listened to everything we had recorded and realized that the topics we were talking about would be beneficial for everyone to hear.

  • Background on the episode (0:20)
  • "Work life" balance talk (2:15)
  • Managing client expectations and designing your life around work (4:15)
  • Anthony's focus on creating products this year (5:20)
  • Benefits on being a business owner (7:05)
  • Customer profitability and scope creep (8:30)
  • Balanced scorecard and the importance of it (9:30)
  • Anthony's 20 year plan (10:05)
  • Leveraging personal brand (11:30)
  • Why learning on its own isn't enough (13:10)
  • Using 80/20 principle to your advantage (14:20)
  • How to think about your 20 year window (16:25)
  • Thinking strategically: difference between solopreneur and a large organization (17:10)
  • Strategies for personal goals development (18:20)
  • Defining "success" (21:15)
  • Strategic pyramid explained (22:15)
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Episode Resources:

SME Consulting Information:

Check out Anthony's consulting company, SME Strategy here:


TIG 15: The Secrets to Social Media Success with Conner Galway


Show Notes:

This episode profiles Conner Galway, who is an entrepreneur/educator and founder of a digital communications agency, Junction. Conner is also a lead instructor for digital marketing at BrainStation. In the episode, Conner talks about his own journey of starting his business and then shares his thoughts on current social media trends and how entrepreneurs today can use social media to take their business to the next level.

  • Introduction to Conner (1:30)
  • Conner's journey from university graduate to being an entrepreneur and lead educator at BrainStation (2:12)
  • Starting the journey with other co-founders and lessons learned (7:50)
  • Foreseeing challenges and thinking about how to tackle them before they arise in a business setting (11:50)
  • What came "easier than expected" when Conner started Junction (13:15)
  • Conner's approach on the hiring process (15:15)
  • Biggest fear faced by entrepreneur's in starting out a new business (16:55)
  • The best and worst part about owning a business (20:20)
  • Conner's thoughts on having advisors on his team (22:10)
  • Biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to social media (23:57)
  • How Junction helps entrepreneurs in establishing their brand - figuring out the "why" (28:50)
  • Tracking the right metrics on social media (33:10)
  • Current trends in social media (38:00)

Episode Resources:

Junction YVR


GET In Touch with Conner:


Junction Twitter

Resource Episode: Your Host's and Their Guest's Favourite Resources


Show Notes:

Over the past year we have come across a number of different resources which either our guests have recommended to us, or that we have personally come across. In this episode, we have pick a few of these resources which we have personally benefitted from and would like to share with our listeners.

All books and videos mentioned in the episode and listed below can be found at:

* Disclosure: We would like to be clear that some of the resources below may be affiliate products, which means we may earn a commission for products we recommend to our listeners, at no additional cost to the purchaser. Product commissions are not taken into consideration when we selected which resources to discuss during this episode.

Resources Recommended by Guests

  • Young Guys Finance video outlining the difference between RRSPs and TFSAs (1:35)
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi (2.35)
  • I wish I knew: Lessons in Entrepreneurship I Learned the Hard Way (So You Don't have to) by Anthony Taylor (6:10)
  • Personal Storytelling: Discovering the Extraordinary In the Ordinary by Sam Thiara (7:45)
  • 750words.com (9:55)
  • Upwork.com for freelancers (12:00)

Resources Recommended by Amit and Sarnvir

  • The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (13:40)
  • Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday (17:55)
  • Zero to One by Peter Thiel (19:50)
  • Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss (22:15)