TIG 16: A New Perspective on Work Life Balance and Career Planning with Anthony Taylor



This episode is one that came about as a result of us continuing our conversation with Anthony Taylor, who is a guest on our fourth show. After our recording, we left the mics on and start picking Anthony's brain on a whole lot of things we were interested in knowing. We then listened to everything we had recorded and realized that the topics we were talking about would be beneficial for everyone to hear.

  • Background on the episode (0:20)
  • "Work life" balance talk (2:15)
  • Managing client expectations and designing your life around work (4:15)
  • Anthony's focus on creating products this year (5:20)
  • Benefits on being a business owner (7:05)
  • Customer profitability and scope creep (8:30)
  • Balanced scorecard and the importance of it (9:30)
  • Anthony's 20 year plan (10:05)
  • Leveraging personal brand (11:30)
  • Why learning on its own isn't enough (13:10)
  • Using 80/20 principle to your advantage (14:20)
  • How to think about your 20 year window (16:25)
  • Thinking strategically: difference between solopreneur and a large organization (17:10)
  • Strategies for personal goals development (18:20)
  • Defining "success" (21:15)
  • Strategic pyramid explained (22:15)
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