TIG 12: Escaping the Cubicle and Working from a Beach with Chantelle Buffie

Show Notes:

In this episode, we speak with Chantelle Buffie, a freelancing Project Manager and Digital Media Strategist who is based out of the Philippines. Chantelle describes her journey from the corporate and entrepreneurial world to landing her first gig as a freelancer. Furthermore, Chantelle provides valuable guidance around how you can take the steps to securing your first freelancing role.

  • Introduction to Chantelle and the beginnings of her career (0:30)
  • The pros and cons of working in a corporate role and as an entrepreneur (2:05)
  • Chantelle's definition of freelancing and how she identified the freelancing career path (3:40)
  • Chantelle's areas of specialization and the types of clients she currently works with (5:20)
  • Chantelle's experiences securing her first freelancing roles (6:35)
  • How Chantelle found her way to the Philippines (8:40)
  • Challenges Chantelle currently faces while freelancing and how she overcame these challenges (9:45)
  • Tips for searching for your first freelance jobs and the first few steps you can take to secure that role (11:10)
  • Chantelle's best practices for finding a job using Upwork (15:00)
  • Chantelle's thoughts on building and maintaining relationships with clients despite not being able to see them face to face (16:30)
  • Chantelle's favourite things about being a freelancer (18:00)
  • Where Chantelle sees her career leading her in the foreseeable future (18:35)
  • Chantelle's last pieces of advice (20:00)

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