TIG 15: The Secrets to Social Media Success with Conner Galway


Show Notes:

This episode profiles Conner Galway, who is an entrepreneur/educator and founder of a digital communications agency, Junction. Conner is also a lead instructor for digital marketing at BrainStation. In the episode, Conner talks about his own journey of starting his business and then shares his thoughts on current social media trends and how entrepreneurs today can use social media to take their business to the next level.

  • Introduction to Conner (1:30)
  • Conner's journey from university graduate to being an entrepreneur and lead educator at BrainStation (2:12)
  • Starting the journey with other co-founders and lessons learned (7:50)
  • Foreseeing challenges and thinking about how to tackle them before they arise in a business setting (11:50)
  • What came "easier than expected" when Conner started Junction (13:15)
  • Conner's approach on the hiring process (15:15)
  • Biggest fear faced by entrepreneur's in starting out a new business (16:55)
  • The best and worst part about owning a business (20:20)
  • Conner's thoughts on having advisors on his team (22:10)
  • Biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to social media (23:57)
  • How Junction helps entrepreneurs in establishing their brand - figuring out the "why" (28:50)
  • Tracking the right metrics on social media (33:10)
  • Current trends in social media (38:00)

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