TIG 13: Making the Decision to Work at a Startup with Edwin Hendrawan


Show Notes:

This episodes details a story of Edwin, who took the path less travelled and decided to work at a startup after graduating with his BBA. In the episode, Edwin shares his thoughts on the different learning opportunities he has been exposed to at work, what his current role looks like, and how it is evolving with the growth of the business. 

  • A new intro to the episode and to Edwin (0:00)
  • Our "why" of the episode (1:08)
  • Crazy story of job quitting (2:50)
  • Edwin's current role at his organization (3:56)
  • How Edwin found his current role post graduation (5:11)
  • Evaluating multiple offers (8:10)
  • Reflecting on experiences gained at a start up vs. joining a larger organization (10:00)
  • Edwin's biggest initial fear of deciding to join a startup (11:12)
  • How Edwin's sees his role evolving along with the growth of the company (14:45)
  • The difference in the interview process at a startup vs. a larger organization (17:33)
  • Advice for others looking to start their career by working at a startup (19:18)
  • How to go about finding opportunities to work at a startup (21:04)
  • Edwin's personal goals at his organization (22:24)
  • Final words of wisdom! (23:58)
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