TIG 14: Overcoming Odds During the Early Stages of a Startup with Scott Hirsch


Show Notes:

This episode profiles Scott Hirsch, who very recently left his full time job to work at his startup. The episode provides a unique perspective as our previous episodes have profiled individuals who have established businesses. Scott shares his thoughts on the early days at TalentMarketplace and how other aspiring entrepreneurs can make the switch from working at their job to running their own business.

  • Introduction to Scott (1:40)
  • Working full time and going to school (3:00)
  • Focusing on Computer Science and Business at the same time (3:45)
  • What Scott is currently working on - TalentMarketplace (4:12)
  • How the opportunity for Scott's startup was identified (4:54)
  • Assembling the startup team and the different skill sets of the team members (6:10)
  • The challenges Scott is currently facing with the Company (9:45)
  • Two week sprints (10:30)
  • Defining the target market (12:45)
  • Making the decision to leave the full time job to focus on the startup (13:50)
  • What Scott would have done differently in terms of deciding to leave the full time job (15:50)
  • Resources that can be utilized to help support your startup in early stages (17:00)
  • Process of reaching out to advisors to get initial help (19:22)
  • Scott's word of advice for others looking to start their own venture (20:56)
  • Scott's word of advice to new graduates (23:27)
  • Scott's approach to personal development (24:15)
  • How travelling impacted Scott's career perspective (25:15)
  • How to connect with Scott (26:37)


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