TIG 17: Making the Decision to Further Your Education During Your Career with Howard Ma and Nicole Arksey


Show Notes:

In this episode, we interview two guests, Howard Ma and Nicole Arksey. Howard and Nicole decided to pursue different types of education at different points in their careers. The purpose of this episode is to showcase the different options individuals have to further their education, but also how different types of education can excel careers in their own unique ways.

Howard Ma

  • Introduction to Howard (1:50)
  • Howard's decision making process when deciding to pursue his education further (2:50)
  • Challenges Howard faced working towards his CFA (5:20)
  • Making the move from corporate finance to investment management (6:55)
  • Howard's approach to the career change process post CFA (8:10)
  • Other considerations when making his decision to pursue his CFA designation compared to an MBA program (9:40)
  • What future has in store for Howard (14:00)

Nicole Arksey

  • Introduction to Nicole (15:50)
  • Nicole's current role at iQmetrix (16:30)
  • Nicole's decision to pursue her Master degree (17:00)
  • Decisions around whether to pursue her Phd post Master program (19:30)
  • Types of job Nicole applied for once she specialized in Human Computer Interaction (20:00)
  • Challenges Nicole faced while completing her Master degree along with the workload (22:50)
  • Education and the impact it has had on Nicole's career and current role at iQmetrix (24:10)
  • Continuing to further her education today (25:10)
  • Benefits and value of working before going back to school (26:10)
  • Is a Master degree or post secondary education for everybody? (28:00)
  • Advice for people considering furthering their education (28:45)


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