TIG 04: Being Your Own Boss Post Graduation with Anthony Taylor of SME Strategy


In this episode, we speak with Anthony Taylor, an entrepreneur based in Vancouver who is the Founder and Principal Consultant at SME Strategy. Anthony's story is unique as he made the bold move to start SME Strategy very soon after he graduated from university. During this conversation, Anthony speaks to us about why he decided not to pursue a traditional career and provides insights around the challenges he faced as a young entrepreneur. Anthony is living proof that young professionals can create their own career paths, and we're sure this conversation is bound to spark entrepreneurial interest in all of our listeners.

  • Intro to Anthony (1:00)
  • What lead Anthony to become an entrepreneur (1:58)
  • Anthony’s current focus (2:59)
  • What university education did and didn’t prepare Anthony for and Anthony’s early businesses (4:20)
  • Experience with the first business and having fun while making money (6:40)
  • Challenges that Anthony is currently facing (8:00)
  • Strategies Anthony uses to work effectively (9:30)
  • How to “slow down the game” for yourself (12:00)
  • Anthony’s take on how well entrepreneurship is promoted in school (13:15)
  • Securing the first client (14:40)
  • Anthony’s book: “I Wish I knew” (16:40)
  • Anthony’s shares his lessons from the book (18:50)
  • The decision to write the book and lessons learned the hard way (20:10)
  • Overcoming emotional barriers to starting a business (22:25)
  • Resources for young entrepreneurs (24:05)
  • Anthony’s mentors (26:00)
  • Continuous learning (27:30)
  • Last words from Anthony (29:15)

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