TIG 05: Decision Criteria and Other Considerations When Searching For Your Dream Job

Show Notes:

Let's face it, when you're presented with a new job opportunity, it's extremely likely that the first thing you think about is how much more or less you would be getting paid in this new position. While salary is an important part of determining whether a job is right for you, there are many other thing that we feel are just as important to think about during your job search. In this episode, we discuss some of the considerations we have taken in the past, and also some things we wish we would have taken into more consideration. This list is not all encompassing, but it is definitely a good starting point when you're thinking about making a job switch.

  •  Intro to the episode (0:00)
  • The importance of salary based on your personal situation and lifestyle and considering benefits as a part of your overall compensation (2:15)
  • Employer RRSP contribution matching and a quick mention of the Home Buyer and Life Long Learning Plans (Canada) (3:35)
  • Vacation, unpaid time-off flexibility and working remotely (4:50)
  • Employer education support (7:40)
  • Company culture and minimizing the gap between your values and the company‚Äôs values (8:40)
  • Determining the growth of the company and where you would fit in this growth (11:10)
  • Creating a job search strategy based on short term and long term career plans (13:15)
  • Mentorship within the role you are applying for (15:57)
  • Industry analysis and how that might impact your role in the future (18:10)
  • Room for flexibility and opportunity to take on more responsibilities (18:45)

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