TIG 06: Developing Your Passion Project Into A Successful Business with Manny Bahia of Vancity Buzz

Show Notes:

In this episode, our guest is Manny Bahia, Co-Founder of Vancity Buzz. Manny talks to us about how he developed a passion project blog into a successful business in Vancouver. He discusses how he was able to identify an validate the opportunity for a publication and also talks about some of the challenges him and his Co-Founder, Karm Sumal, have faced over the past 8 years.

  • Intro to Manny (1:26)
  • Manny's journey from graduation to Vancity Buzz (2:18)
  • What is Vancity Buzz? (4:25)
  • Manny takes us back to the beginning of Vancity Buzz and how they identified and validated the opportunity to start a digital publication (5:20)
  • Working with a close friend when starting a business (10:30)
  • Challenges monetizing a businesses early and paying yourself as a co-founder (12:32)
  • Tips for people looking to start a business online (16:14)
  • Fears of people apprehensive of taking the leap and starting their own businesses (17:28)
  • Talking to the right people and having the right mentors to help you overcome your challenges (19:20)
  • Mentorship and how it has helped Manny during his entrepreneurial journey (20:30)
  • How being an entrepreneur has helped Manny make better investment decisions and his criteria for investing in startups (21:45)
  • Manny's vision and the "secret sauce" of Vancity Buzz (24:10)
  • Manny's advice for new graduates and young professionals (27:45)

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Vancity Buzz:

Vancity Buzz is obviously a hot topic in this episode. If you haven't already, check out the awesome website to learn about food, events, business, and news in Vanvouver.

Also, for our Calgarian listeners, check out the recently launched Calgary Buzz website.

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