TIG 07: Discovering Work Opportunities Away From Home with Erika Garcia and Tamara Hombrebueno

Show Notes:

This episode is part 1 of a 2 part series where we speak with individuals who have decided to work away from home. In this episode we speak to Erika Garcia and Tamara Hombrebueno about their experiences working and abroad. We dig into some of the challenges they faced during their moves, and how working abroad has helped them develop both personally and professionally. If you are considering working away from home, this episode is for you. 

Erica Garcia

  • Intro to Erica (1:49)
  • Erica’s decision to move to London, England and how she made the choice between Toronto, Australia, and the UK (2:19)
  • Other travel adventures since the move the London (3:29)
  • Moving within the organization and power of networking internally (KPMG) (4:20)
  • Resources for travelling and working abroad (6:00)
  • Biggest challenge Erica faced in moving away (7:06)
  • The people Erica spoke with before her move (8:34)
  • The best part about the move (9:45)
  • How the move helped Erica on a personal and professional level (10:54)
  • What Erica would do differently to help make the transition easier (12:59)
  • Erica’s single piece of advise for anyone considering moving abroad (14:55)

Tamara Homebrebueno

  • Intro to Tamara (18:00)
  • How Tamara ended up in Mexico (18:36)
  • Securing a position with AIESEC in Mexico (19:35)
  • The resources Tamara used to help her with the move (20:20)
  • Tamara’s next big move (21:30)
  • The biggest challenge Tamara faced while moving abroad and what she learned from it (22:10)
  • How the move helped Tamara grow professionally and personally (23:10)
  • The best and worst things about living abroad (24:45)
  • Tamara’s single piece of advice to anyone considering moving away for work (26:30)
  • How to connect with Tamara (27:30)

Episode Resources:

Youth Mobility Visa Information for Canadians:

In the interview with Erica, we discuss the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme which allows Canadians under 30 to apply for a 2 year working/travelling visa. Details can be found here:

For information on other countries that Canadian youth can travel and work in, check out this page created by Services for Youth Canada:

AIESEC International:

As mentioned in the interview with Tamara, she secured her current position in Mexico through her undergraduate experience with AIESEC. More information about AIESEC can be found here:

Get In Touch with Erika:


Get in touch with Tamara: