TIG 08: Discovering Work Opportunities Away From Home with Colette Cheung and Trevor Knox

Show Notes

This episode is part 2 of a 2 part series where we speak with individuals who have decided to work away from home. In this episode we speak to Colette Cheung and Trevor Knox about their experiences working and abroad. We dig into some of the challenges they faced during their moves, and how working abroad has helped them develop both personally and professionally. If you are considering working away from home, this series of episodes is for you. 

Colette Cheung

  • Intro to Colette and move to Montreal (1:05)
  • Challenges Colette faced moving from Vancouver to Montreal (4:00)
  • How Colette went about meeting people in a new city (6:45)
  • What Colette liked and disliked about living and working in Montreal (8:10)
  • Factors in Colette's decision to move back to Vancouver and what this process looked like for her (9:45)
  • Colette's process of discovering opportunities in her organization back in Vancouver (12:04)
  • How the move helped Colette develop both personally and professionally (13:20)
  • Advice for other people who are considering working away from home (15:15)
  • What Colette would do differently to make the transition easier (16:40)

Trevor Knox

  • Intro to Trevor (18:20)
  • How and why Trevor made the choice to move to Australia (19:10)
  • Trevor discusses the Working Holiday visa and how it may not be the best visa for non-backpackers seeking professional roles (20:44)
  • How Trevor found his first opportunity in Australia (21:50)
  • Key points around extending the Working Holiday visa after the first year and the requirement to complete "Regional Work" (22:30)
  • Challenges Trevor faced upon moving to Australia (23:30)
  • Trevor's biggest fears about moving to a new country from Regina (24:45)
  • How Trevor overcame the fear of not knowing people in a new country (26:30)
  • What Trevor liked the most about making his move to Australia (28:15)
  • Comparisons between Trevor's move to Australia and then to Vancouver (29:45)
  • How Trevor went about finding job opportunities in Vancouver and how Trevor tapped into his personal network in this process (31:10)
  • Hurdles around applying for jobs in a different city than the one you are looking to move to (33:20)
  • Trevor's advice for people who are considering living and working abroad (34:50)

Episode Resources:

Working Holiday Visa

In the interview with Trevor, we discuss the Australian Working Holiday visa which allows Canadians under 31 to apply for a 1 year working/travelling visa. Details can be found here:


Get In Touch With Trevor: