TIG 01: Introduction and a Fresh Perspective on the Job Application Process with Tiffanie Lai

Show Notes:

In this episode, we speak with Tiffanie Lai, an HR Specialist, who has experience working for various Technology companies in the Vancouver Area. Tiffanie provides fresh insights on the job application process from recruiters' perspective, and provides valuable advice on how you can strengthen your application and your chances of landing that perfect job.

  • Intro to what the podcast is about (0:40) 
  • Tiffanie introduction (3:02)
  • Tiffanie’s first big challenge post graduation and how she tackled it (5:57)
  • Should you specialize or gain a breadth of experience early on in your career? (10:15)
  • What happens to your job application after it’s submitted? (11:52)
  • Importance of referrals/networking (15:57)
  • When and how often should you follow up on your job application? (18:09)
  • Tiffanie’s take on the interview process (21:35)
  • How to answer those challenging interview questions (24:53)
  • The type of questions candidates should be asking in an interview (26:50)
  • The appropriate way of following up after the interview (28:52)
  • Importance of reflecting on your experiences (29:45)

Episode Resources:

In the podcast, we briefly mention how one of Amit's past interview questions was "Define the word 'Grit'". Check out the Ted Talk here by Angela Lee Duckworth which digs this word a little deeper.

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