TIG 11: Overcoming Startup Hurdles - The Fable Naturals Story with Chris Nicol

Show Notes:

In this episode, we speak with Chris Nicol, Co-Founder of Fable Naturals Skin Care Products. Chris and his partner Gwen have a unique story as they identified an opportunity for natural, fair trade skin care products, and decided to become manufactures and retailers of their own products. Furthermore, they have established a business model that takes advantage of multiple routes that that allow them to get their products into the hands of their customers.

  • Introduction to Chris (1:10)
  • Chris’ entrepreneurial journey (1:45)
  • Introduction to Fable Naturals (2:50)
  • Qualifying the market for natural skin care products (5:45)
  • Challenges around marketing and brand establishment (7:45)
  • Importance for small businesses to tell genuine stories (8:30)
  • The Fable Naturals start-up task checklist (10:35)
  • Letting your brand, products and services shape your company name (12:40)
  • The store of Fable Naturals’ first sale/theft (15:10)
  • Chris’ thoughts around starting a business with a friend or spouse (17:35)
  • Chris and Gwen’s biggest challenges starting the business and challenges that face today (19:40)
  • Chris’ tips for young entrepreneurs (22:10)
  • Challenges selling products online (23:35)
  • Gaining exposure and driving traffic to your ecommerce site using social media (25:40)

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