TIG 03: Building Your Personal Brand with Sam Thiara

Show Notes:

In this episode, we speak with Sam Thiara, a blogger, speaker, teacher and motivator who has built a memorable personal brand. Sam discusses the importance of developing and maintaining a personal brand and how it can contribute to the successes of a young professional. Furthermore, he also provides some easy steps for you to begin developing your own brand.

  • Intro to Sam (1:11)
  • What is personal branding? (3:15)
  • How Sam started developing his own personal brand (4:30)
  • What is the biggest challenge young professionals face when it comes to building their brand (6:26)
  • Sam shares his insight from a recent blog post (posted below) on how you can create your own brand (8:50)
  • Running a 100M dash vs. running a marathon (11:10)
  • The importance of having a brand  and the alignment of your brand (13:40)
  • Insight into who Sam looks up to and why (18:20) 
  • Doing a lot of things vs. doing a few and doing them well (23:00)
  • Importance of consistency in branding (24:40)
  • Using social media for branding (28:40)
  • GradusOne. Why Sam is involved with the organization and his goals going forward (33:20)

Episode Resources:

Links to Sam's Personal Blog and GradusOne:

Learn more about Sam Thiara and his blog by checking out the link below. This website is also a great representation of the brand that Sam has established for himself:

To learn more about GradusOne and how they work to help new graduates and young professionals, check out the GradusOne website:

Get In-touch with Sam: