TIG 18: Building a Rewarding Career and Life Around Your Core Values with Lorie Corcuera


Show Notes:

In this episode, our guest is Lorie Corcuera, CEO at Spark Creations. Lorie has immense experience in helping companies building their vision, mission and culture. While we discuss this in this episode, we also talk about how individuals can define their core values, and how they can use these values to build a career and life that is tailored to them.

  • Introduction to Lorie Corcuera and Spark Creations (1:15)
  • Alignment of personal values compared to that of the organization (4:00)
  • How social media and external influences has created more pressure to make the right decision (5:00)
  • Differences between value and purpose (6:50)
  • What happens when there is a disconnect between your core values and the vision of the company you have applied for (8:00)
  • How you can truly identify the true core values of a business in the limited time you have in an interview (9:00)
  • Lorie's definition of culture and the 6 elements that create company culture (12:30)
    1. Culture Story: value, purpose and principle
    2. Leadership and alignment
    3. Human connection
    4. Learning and Growth
    5. Creativity
    6. Ecosystem
  • How Lorie explicitly defined what her personal core values were and the importance that coaching played in this process (19:40)
  • Activities you can use to identify your own core values (22:40)
  • Defining core values (25:45)
  • Differences between core values and strengths (27:50)
  • Actions individuals can take in order to establish what their core values are (29:17)
  • Defining your dream job by evaluating past positive experiences (31:30)
  • Using your core values in the contract negotiation and annual review processes (34:45)
  • Thinking of a raise as more than just compensation (38:00)
  • Career changes and identifying if your current job is right for you (40:50)


Spark Creations:

You can check out Lorie's company, Spark Creations, at the following link:

Spark Creations has an amazing page with their recommended resources which you can view here:

Here is a worksheet Lorie provides which provided some guiding questions which can assist in helping you establish and discover your own personal core values:
Rediscover Your Core Worksheet

Get In Touch with Lorie: