Books to Read

Below you will find a list of books recommended by our guests within our podcast episodes. Furthermore, we have also includes a few books or our favourite books which we have personally learned a lot from.

* Disclosure: We would like to be clear that some of the resources below may be affiliate products, which means we may earn a commission for products we recommend to our listeners, at no additional cost to the purchaser. Product commissions are not taken into consideration when we select our most recommended resources.

Books Recommended By Guests

I will Teach You To Be Rich - Ramit Sethi

This book was recommended by Justin Lee of Young Guys Finance you joined us in Episode 2 of the podcast. This is an easy to follow book that lays out the foundation for a successful personal finance strategy for people of any age.

Millionaire Teacher - Andrew Hallam

This book was recommended by Justin Lee of Young Guys Finance you joined us in Episode 2 of the podcast. He mentioned that this was one of the first  books he read when he decided to establish his personal finance strategy.

Money Master the Game - Tony Robbins

This book was recommended by Justin Lee of Young Guys Finance you joined us in Episode 2 of the podcast. Given the fact that he is one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time, this is definitely a book we are both looking to read.



This book was written by Sam Thiara of GradusOne who joined us on Episode 3 of the podcast. Sam's book shares some of this stories, while creating a path for readers to share their own stories about what is important to them.


This book was written by Anthony Taylor of SME Strategy who joined us on Episode 4 of the podcast. We had an opportunity to read this book and can say that it's truly an entrepreneur handbook for new and experienced entrepreneurs.


Books Recommended by Your Hosts

Growth Hacker Marketing - Ryan Holiday

This is a great book that provides some great actionable tips on how companies can effectively market their business using unconventional techniques and with a minimal marketing budget. This book is a must read for any business minded person.

The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

In this book, Darren Hardy helps rewire the minds of readers by shifting their mindset from wanting to achieve goals as soon as possible, to realizing that successful goals are achieved iteratively. He digs into how accomplishing small consistent steps can create compounding benefits for you. Furthermore, he provides various examples along the way.

Tools of Titans - Tim Ferriss

If you are a fan of Tim Ferriss' podcast, this book is for you. This book can be thought of as a reference book as it includes Tim's key takeaways and learnings from each and every guest he has interviewed on his podcast. Furthermore, he explicitly states in this book that it should be used as you need it, and that the reader should feel free to skip chapters they may not relate to.


Zero to One - Peter Thiel

This book provides an alternative insight compared to the Lean Startup as instead of focussing on small iterative changes, Peter Thiel outlines how entrepreneurs can "build the future". This book isn't necessarily about creating passive income, but more so about how to start a business that is the next big thing.